Aadhar Card: A Means Of Stealing LPG Subsidy

Indians are cursing the Aadhaar card scheme of the Indian Government as they are unable to get subsidies on their LPG cylinders at a time when only 50-60% of the Indian population are lacking an Aadhar card. If you see the fury of Indian and the total number of Indian householders who still have not enrolled for an Aadhaar card you will be shocked and surprised. There are so many reasons why LPG subsidy should not be cancelled at such an early stage and the Indian Government has left no other option to the Indians but to leave their jobs and sit outside an Aadhaar card center till they luckily receive their Aadhar cards. To make things worse the Indian Government has not provided the convenience of online enrollment at a large scale for at least getting an unique identification number. If you do not have Aadhaar Government will cancel your LPG subsidy but will never take a step back from asking you to pay heavy taxes.

Aadhaar cards will not be available to majority of us at least till the next one year:

The Government authorities should be made to stand in a queue for getting their Aadhaar number else they will never understand what they are doing to the Indians. I personally met people who had been coming to the Aadhaar center for three days and standing in a queue (at least two hours before the center starts) only for getting an Aadhaar application form. The situation is such that the population of the town is 5,00,000 and only 130 applications are given out everyday and there is only one Aadhaar center in the area. That tells us clearly that a huge amount of the town population is still bereft of an Aadhaar card. Even if 150 Aadhaar cards were to be rolled out to he citizens at the end of two years only 55000 of the total population would be receiving an Aadhaar card. The question is where should the rest of the people go if they want to apply for an Aadhaar card and get LPG subsidy.

Millions of Indians who do not have an Aadhaar card will not get LPG subsidy even if they are paying taxes on time:

The Government of India has made the life of people hell without issuing Aadhar cards and bringing its new plans into action on the support of Aadhaar. Our taxes are stolen and we will not receive LPG no matter how hard we protest. Common Indian always has to suffer when a Government brings forth such policies without caring for the interests of the general public. At one time the Government sounded positive when it said that the LPG subsidies will not be cancelled unless 80% of the population of that area is having an Aadhaar card. And now even when the Government knows that more than 80% of the population does not have an Aadhaar card it has forced its subsidy cancelling policy to the non-Aadhar card holders.

Aadhaar online enrollment:

Here is some relief for all those who want to enroll online for their Aadhaar cards. Each center will accept a minimum of at least 15 to 16 online Aadhaar cards everyday. To know the nearest online Aadhaar enrollment center you need to ask about it at the off-line Aadhaar card enrollment centers. In most of the cases the agency which has taken up the task of distributing Aadhaar cards will also hire a group of professionals and make proper arrangements for providing you an option of online enrollment. The bitter part is: if you stay in a city you need to wait for a month or to or even more to get your fingerprints scanned because the number of online enrollments accepted everyday is very few. The good news is: you can get your fingerprints scanned at at any Aadhaar center. I got my fingerprint scanned at a very nearby town where online enrollments are very few as the people are not tech-savvy. This was just one day after I applied for online Aadhaar card enrollment.

See Indians asking for Aadhaar card in the comments section at UIDAI and you will know that the public is confused and angry:

See the comments of the Indians regarding Aadhaar cards at UIDAI in the comments section and you will know how unfair the Indian Government has been to the Indians. The website is made, the ads are thrown in and there is no-one available to answer the comments of the vulnerable Indians. Aadhaar is a good policy but the implementation and planning of the Indian Government is really horrible. In fact it seems that the Government has purposefully introduced Aadhaar so that it shall get a chance of saving subsidy on cylinders. Indians without Aadhaar cards have no option to apply for one as quickly as possible as the means for applying for an Aadhaar card are meager. No matter how long the queue is, the Aadhaar centers give only a fixed amount of forms so that their work load can be minimized. One center can attend to only 130 Aadhaar applications per day. Looking at all these things it really looks as if linking the Aadhaar cards to bank accounts is just a means to steal the Indians of their rightful LPG subsidy even if they are regular tax payers.